Get into the Spirit of Xmas. I say.

So I went around to say hello to the boys. It's the night before Xmas. This is something written into an agreement between Andrea (the ex) and I. She made it as unpleasant as possible. 

First ,she said I was not invited today. Even though we had swapped emails about this period and this particular visit.  

Second, she said the boys didn't want to go with me tomorrow for Xmas day and that I could only visit, after I said I'll pick then up between 1000-1100h. Even though Luca very clearly asked of he could spend the evening here tonight Xmas eve) and Indiana had said it was ok to me already too. 

Third, she referred to my girlfriend in a derogatory term. What's the point if that. 

Andrea was insulting and annoying. In front of the children too. She even stopped Luca and I having a little kick around before I left. Something Luca likes to do. 

Luca had been talking to Diane outside and when he came in he asked if he could come over tonight and stay with Diane and I. 

So much for Christmas spirit. I had just had the thought to say hello to the kids and wish them a good night for tonight. I do hope they do have a good night. 

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