We had a good Xmas. Our boys, the five aside team of them, were at their other families for Xmas eve. XY and I had a nice quiet eve with lots of jigsaw and two films. Both Christmassy. 

On waking up I went to collect Indy and Luca and on our arrival here were met by the musketeers who were Christmas excited. 

Rapidly we got down to the business of opening presents. It wasn't an orderly affair. With five young boys I wouldn't expect it to be. 

All presents open and playing began with said new presents. Top hit was playmobil. Luca and Ben each got a ship of the line. Royal Navy frigates. Well that's what I thought they were. The building and then playing was almost the theme of the day. 

Lunch was at a nearby Chinese restaurants down chicereo avenue. Whilst it was ok it wasn't as authentic as some of the other Chinese restaurants we've been too it was ok and we know the boys like it there. 

Afterwards and quite a way through the day arrived back at the ranch and it was swim time. Well this time not for all. Ben had a speed boat which was cool. Indy and Seba did game console stuff. In the water was just Bebe and Luca and I. Luca excelled at swimming for his age. He could be another me in swimming. He was doing widths under water and racing against me over lengths. I am impressed at his swimming. 

XY was head down in the jigsaw puzzle which she eventually finished. I reckon I did thirty three percent. I'd never have thought I would enjoy a jigsaw puzzle. Who knew. 

Tea was quickly eaten. Boys played more game console. A bit of Mr Bean was watched and then bedtime. 

It was a lovely Xmas. 

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