Around at Mr Wu's

For Xmas XY and I didn't want to spend the day cooking Xmas lunch. So we decided to go to a very good Chinese restaurant in Santiago. Mr Wu's it's called. But it was closed. Not only closed they'd shut it down. So they invited XY to their house today for dinner. So we are at at mr Wu house, not his restaurant. 

We've just eaten a lovely Chinese banquet at their house. I am surrounded by Chinese and language is a real problem. We all speak Spanish but really Chinese is the language here. So I am in observe mode. 

When I think about Ian of a kids age he would never have dreamt of such an evening. And then again in Chile. Who'd have thought it. 

The do have two dogs that have just had pups. Rotweiller and Alsatian mix. XY is thinking about having two sisters for the house. Looking at the dad they could be real big and menacing looking. Internet seems to say mix is ok too. 

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