The Unfair Life

Life sometimes is unfair. To me. To you. The person at the gym telling you their unfair story. To your hairdressers story of a clients story she was told yesterday. It's just downright unfair.

I know an unfair story. XY has a gardener. His story sounds unfair. He's lived in the area were XY's ranch is for all his life. He lives in a house were there are three generations living. We were told the house and the land, owned by another family member, has been sold out from under him. They all have to move and leave the house. The gardener is very much in the autumn or sunset of his life.

XY and I once walked around some derelict building near her ranch. We tried to imagine what they were for. We couldn't quite guess. We also saw the newer housing estates getting closer to her ranch. On the way back from the walk, or at another time, we met up with the gardener and asked what the buildings were for. The whole area he said used to be covered with Walnut trees. The building was were they processed them. XY has a walnut tree in her garden, one of the remaining ones. There aren't many walnut trees now.

There are new buildings, new housing estates getting closer. There is the gardener losing his house were he has lived most of his life. I cannot help this is all unfair for the gardener.

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